Cooked some chicken last night


it sounded good the day before, haven’t had any meat in like almost 5 months, then when I cooked it, it grossed me out and I couldn’t do it, dog food…



more fer me


more fer the dog in this case…


Animal protein isn’t bad for you. Have fish at least, just make sure it is the low mercury kind. You need it for the B12 also. At least have some eggs and Salmon.


Theres like a hunnerd how to cook vids on yer yuotubes


Are they cannibals? They do dress well - like that Hannibal Lecter guy.

Oh wait - this was meant for the Burning man thread. Pardons.


I got some sublingual B-12 that will give you 18,000% of a your recommended daily b-12…


That’s good. I have some trouble absorbing B12 and that is a good solution.