"Death should be a right for any sane human."


The Dutch are right.

Misleading headline, but still

This doctor definitely has the right idea.


Been legal in Oregon for quite some time, and oddly, we don’t have people waiting in long lines to do it, in fact last report I heard the number of people taking this option has dipped downward a bit in the last couple years, iirc


It’s very futuristic looking. I mean - it really looks like it’s going to take you somewhere.
…like a hit of acid, only smoother.


It’s a lot more difficult to do it without assistance.

It’s legal here but I’m not sure what the requirements are. It would be nice if there were none and you could go when you want.


In Oregon you need 2 Doctors to sign off, not all. Dr.s want to participate (that first do no harm thing) so some Doc’s have made a sideline as assisted suicide signers.


Taking your life is very tempting at some moments, depending on the individual, I can understand that

But unfortunately, life is also a fucked up curse that won’t get any better if you do things like suicide


Tell that to someone dying of terminal cancer or ALS.


The Oregon law does stipulate that you have to be in a terminal diagnosis with your disease of choice, it’s not like “I feel sad, Imma go to the docs and end it all” A goodly number of patients that do set up the option of voluntary check out, don’t get to it, the disease takes them first.


Horrific pain and an inability to function won’t get better if you end your life?


Sometimes improvement isn’t in the cards.


What if rancid’s point is that there are spiritual consequence for not harvesting what you sow’d?


Jesus wants your dear sweet little old granny to suffer unimaginable inhuman bone crushing pain as the cancer eats its way through her brain?


Jesus wants?




I know, right?


!Madre de Dios


sounded kind of like a death by huffing nitrous, fill mine with nitrous oxide


Interesting but too expensive and out of reach for the common man, it’s not like we’ve all got huge 3d printers laying around, suicide for the uber rich techie crowd. The rest of ya can grab a rope or some heroin laced wtih fentanyl… I think the same thing could probably be accomplished with a plastic bag though for us poor folks.


Yeah, the combination machine/coffin is kewl as is the nitrogen way out.

I’m just noting that the Dutch are ahead of the curve in this.