Fucker McFuckface


Went on a meltdown about a poem 16 year old O’Rourke wrote.

It was 30 years ago and Fucker Carlson with his phoney furrowed brow went on a meltie.

It sounded like something a teenager would write. I looked it up, sure enough he was 16. Fucker and Mark Styn went on a pretty epic meltie.

I literally laughed my ass off, shouts of laughter when I saw how old he was and how much pretend outrage their were squeezing out of their rectums.


Oh yeah, Beto O’Roarke, at first I was thinking P.J. ? O’Roarke. that doesn’t sound quite right, but maybe.


Why in hell were you watching THAT


It’s a roommate kind of thing. Quid pro quo, Six, quid pro quo.


I wud be livin the fuck alone then b4 listening to fucking Fox

This is a fact


OK, that is your prerogative.


I’m NOT. I just hear it and trolled it at home today.


I get my vindication on when I watch things that irritate him in return.

Bill Maher, Colbert, MSNBC…tv is like detente with two folks armed with political nukes…lol

So, most of the time we watch PBS and movies and sports.


Public Broadcasting is socialism!




FUN FACT: PBS at a formative time introduced me to not only Milton Friedman, but also William F. Buckley Jr


Buckley - dead = good`

Humanity is better off

Not that I have an opinion



At least he wasn’t stupid. These days they’re often truly stupid assholes.


I have a hunch that William F. is probably spinning in his grave at the shitshow we have now