Go big, or go home


NORTHPORT, N.Y. – Authorities say a woman arriving at a Long Island court to answer a marijuana possession summons was smoking pot when she parked her vehicle in the local police chief’s spot.


I smoke a ton of pot and I’d never do anything as stupid as this, I’d quit smoking weed for a whole hour before I went to court.


That’s either incredibly stupid, incredibly arrogant, or stoned out of her mind.

Sounds like something tRump would do.



All I see is"log in to see the story". As one does not have teh Facebooks, one asks for a precis.


Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to DL a FB vid. Or couldn’t be arsed to bother.

Buncha toasted dudes in a sauna or some such place with a device called a Hotbox, like an electrically driven bong that could be used to fumigate an attic.


No more FB for me - I been banned so many times they want a phone #


I could lend ya mine but I may need it to continue not signing up for FB


lol that shit is just stupid, I wouldn’t mind having something that blew out a smaller hit though.

If you were a band and could blast bud as a smoke machine in a bigger place with those it would be awesome. lol