How Many CBT Members are


I’ve been exposed to the demographic in some interesting ways, but not in any sort of clinical sense.


There was. Popular poster ie wall art, back in late 60s and 70s with an American Flag motif as background…and a paragraph bemoaning the sad state of today’s youth…you read it and ya think “god dam right kids today are terrible!” You get the end and its attributed to Adolf Hitler, then you’re all WTF?


In 1957, after a show in Los Angeles, Elvis Presley was told by local police that he was not allowed to wiggle his hips while onstage. There was also a headline ran in the local press the next day that said Elvis would have to clean up his act if he wanted to continue performing.

The next night, The Los Angeles Vice Squad filmed his entire concert to study his performance and make sure that it met their guidelines.

In the 1950s, Elvis Presley’s shaking and grinding of his hips and legs were considered vulgar by some, earning him the nickname “Elvis the Pelvis.” Many people say that these hip movements and gyrations were not planned as some sort of attention grabbing hoax, but rather came as a result of Elvis’ form of expression. During his performances, he would dance however he felt was appropriate and the hip movements became quite popular.

I remember these days