Hunter's Chicken


Over the years I’ve found the concept to be almost bulletproof.

OK, if I call it chicken chasseur there’ll be a white wine sauce, green onions or leeks, and lots of mushrooms. If I call it chicken cacciatore there’ll be a cream sauce, more tomato, less onion, and lots of bell pepper. But the concept is the same and so is the name.

So today at lunch Gypsy sez…it’s time for YOU to cook supper, and if you make it nice I’ll maybe give you a surprise… and I say, whaddaya want cooked? And she sez, well u said the other day you handn’t had chicken cacc in a while…and it sounded good…and I’ll thaw some chiken…and I said OK

Now as some of you may know, when you share a kitchen with someone, and you both cook, and you both shop for supplies, it doesn’t matter WHAT you want to cook, you will never find all of the ingrediients handy unless you make a special trip to the store. It turned out that we had the shrooms but not the peppers, and we had rice but not a stick of pasta…no cream or white wine, but some decent red…

…but as I said in the opening remark, THE CONCEPT IS BULLETPROOF, you almost can’t fuck it up if you have the first clue about how to cook stuff. A few tweaks, a substitution or two, a hack here and there, and voila!