I forget do we have any photoshop skills here, for freedom and liberty?


I am an equal opportunity meme producer, if you are a sub hooman mutant with a sick and twisted outlook on life, step to the front of the line.


Flannel’s gone.

I thought billdo did chops as well


I think you’re right but she’s hustling her azz off for survival these days.


Do you have any “outside” contact with Flannel anymore? If so, tell him I hope he is doing well and in good health.


I do, but we sort of drifted. The lazy guy at his work either retired or got canned, so he had to pick up extra work if I recall correctly.


@Flannel How is David Pack doing these days?


I’m known to cut if the correct motivation appears.


I thought it might be a hoot to graft a MAGA hat on this little Angel and edit the paragraph below to say MAGA Hat instead of deformed skull. There’s a couple FB groups where I think some of the natives would react with lots of angery.

Nursery bans girl, two, because of her Maga hat


Glad we agree that Obama murdered immigrants.


After Obama took all the Army’s bullets away, did you guys have to shout “pew pew pew!” When you were drilling?


Funny story
During Basic in 2012 we were told they had 305 near-expired AT4 rounds we were gonna shoot off.
Got to the range and was told the money was sequestered and they couldn’t afford to let BCT trainees shoot them. Top shot got to shoot 1. Everyone else used the 9mm tracer insert. Top shot missed the tank target and caught the range on fire.

Damnit Obama.


We had the biggest asshole for a top for a few months till he got on Charlies nerves once to often and he got sent some place - and not a nice someplace


I’m doing well, feeling well, have 2 grandsons and a granddaughter on the way. Other than that, just busy at work and getting old. How are you?


Reasonably Healthy, semi-retired, recently relocated back to the Coast, trying to figure out my 3rd act.


Congrats on the grandkids!

We miss you here, so good to see you. You are still a legend in the troll world of these forums we’ve all visited. I heard about how funny you are from a woman at a new board…we laughed together about your shops and commentary.




LOL, that’s Perfect Flannel!


Don’t be a stranger, goddammit


Yeah what you said!

My favorite conservative ever!!


I’ll try not to be. :grinning: