It's Kamala


Let the pluses and minuses begin


JUUUUUUUUST beat ya to it (merge is ok)


You read it here first.


Okay, second. FtW :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Minus: Kamala is a bulldog in the Senate, where we need her. Hopefully her replacement is equally tenacious.


Shoot, POTUS just declared that Mike Pence > Kamala Harris.


I’m shocked, SHOCKED! that Trump would favor his own and denigrate his opponent’s.


She’s a cop but at the same time she’s a lib woman of color, I’ll take her over anything the republicans are offering. Hopefully Biden will go for a long sleep shortly after getting elected.


I don’t like her at all, but what the hell…better than Pence is…


So when does the GOP start the campaign saying Kamala isn’t really black?


She can bust out some Bollywood moves too!


How many of you told me that prisoners working wildfires was slavery?

You realize Kamala Harris kept people in jail to be free labor?


AND she’s more anti 2nd Amendment than even Biden is.

She’s trash.

I’m still gonna vote for the person who isn’t a racist pedophile who infringes on freedoms.




SInce you’ve described Trump after the “isn’t”, I assume that means you are voting Biden.


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Why call it a thread when you falsely name it and then lock it? Where did I ever say I support Trump? In fact, if you read it- you see I’m voting AGAINST BOTH pedophillic racist piece of shits.

Pretty fuckin fascist of you, to be quite honest.


I’ll consider your whine at greater length when you stop ignoring the political reality that a vote against the Dem nominee is a vote for the repuke nominee and vice versa It’s a two party system, that’s been clearly proven in every general election of the last 3 or 4 decades…and in this community to keep insisting otherwise ain’t an argument – it’s just a pos troll.