Liturgical LOLs


My first thought looking at the pic is that this is that chubby and angery white guy coming onto a car lot (Note factory stickers in the windows behind) You’ll get this guy a couple times a year…he wants to rub his greasy fingers all over the iron, and then rub his hemorrhoids all over the seats, and if approached by a sales person they get uber hostile and start shrieking hysterically “Lebe me alone, I scared of everything!”…until you tell them to leave…they generally mellow right out, not always but generally.




Thanks God!







Oh, look kids it’s a Saul to Paul story!








Here take my Money, Pastor!



Prolly a repost, I’m still in shock over the Antifa attack on Lake Travis yesterday.



A priest spends the night in a motel. When a maid named Carol comes in to clean the room in the morning, he makes a pass at her…

“I thought you guys weren’t allowed to have sex or whatever?” Carol says.

“No. It’s fine!” says the priest. “I can have sex with you all I want. It’s written in the bible.”

“Well, if it’s written in the Bible… I guess so.”

They fuck.

When it’s over, the maid asks the guy to show her where it’s written in the bible. He opens up the cover of the hotel bible and shows her writing on the first page. "Carol the maid is a slut.”