Newt is beatin yer war drums - saddle up Boro


A very short, decisive campaign should be planned – starting with a one- to two-hour elimination of what is left of the Venezuelan air force. American forces should be loaded on ships. Aircraft should be moved to potential pickup points for paratroopers. The news media should be briefed and given a clear sense of American determination and capability.


They’ll send in the Marines to destroy whatevers left of the infrastructure etc, then the Army goes in when it’s time to paint rocks and dig ditches on the new American bases.


Of course we will have to kill a few kids - can’t be helped


Fuck yeah! We’ll kill them there, so we won’t have to kill them here.


Boro sez if we don’t kill them now we will have to in 5 years


I wish I could join back up - the banks need help and the oil companies


As Proles, it is our duty to protect ExxonMobil shareholder value!


Maybe with my prior service I cud get to be Boros boss


Newt had his chance to be a chest-thumping American Rambo fifty years ago: he pusied out.

Now, he’s got even less credibility than the orange clown, if that’s possible.


Leave us not forget the sweet sweet rebuilding contracts