Not buying it, kids


It’s a decent narrative, as goobermint sponsored narratives go, but there is too much bullshit oozing out around the seams.

For starters, just the shooter alone is a mystery. Can anyone show me he’s not just a patsy? Was he even alive when the shooting was going on? Did anyone see him at the window?

Then the mystery twitterer WK mentioned. Why isn’t the FBI looking for HIS ass?

The furor about the national anthem was dying down and didn’t even keep people occupied into the weekend. Folks were noticing on social media as early as Saturday morning that the house of representatives was putting together a stinky budget bill that wouldn’t bear scrutiny. But on Monday they sure AF weren’t thinking about the federal budget any longer.

There could also be a gun rights agenda being played on here. Not to me, because I don’t see this as being about gun rights, only about people being stupid enough to pay money to enter a shooting gallery that (truly) any sad sack with one or two weapons and a suitcase of magazines could easily take advantage of.

No, it isn’t a conspiracy THEORY just yet, but I’m working on it.


You guys (Americans) have a serious problem with confidence in your law enforcement and government. It’s almost sad to watch you (vous) try to find any reason to question and challenge official reports.

The investigation is young and already it’s being set up as a conspiracy or at least a desire for it to be a conspiracy theory. I feel like we’re living in an information Twilight Zone.

What’s the point anymore? If nothing is really true and everything is in question, it becomes about belief over fact.


It’s about gut feeling with US conservatives.


It’s about distrust. You guys can’t trust anything you see, read or hear. What are the implication of that?


They suck, but I didn’t light the fire. I just have to cope with it.

Back to the conspiracy, there are more elements I haven’t mentioned yet. Imma wait until someone else spells them out. And that’s starting today, I’ve seen a few efforts already.


This, according to some conspiracy theorists, is exactly Russia’s aim.


I think it is so swell that this is a decision people have to make.

Just curious though, Spoon. Do you not trust the reports that the room (door) was barricaded and the shooter dead when entry was gained? The shooter is said to have shot at the Swat team through the door. How did the real shooter(s) get out?

…and was there no camera surveillance in the corridors? It should show him or others carrying in 10 suitcases at some time.


Very well, then. Let the surveillance videos be shown and evaluated.

As to your reports, what are their sources? And how much credence do you give them?


Maybe they brought the weapons in through the heating ducts, or a secret wall passage like in the movies.


Or big suitcases.


Or in his “cavity”


^^tee hee hee


Meanwhile, seems pretty clear there were multiple shooters. There is even a possibility the patsy wasn’t one of them.


Shits didn’t sound like they were coming from multiple directions in any of the videos I’ve seen. The police released body cam footage tonight.

What got Paddock busted was the fire alarm going off from the gun smoke.


He shot a security guard through the door because he had rigged cameras in the hallway.


@E_Normus_Johnson, Are you still sensing more than we’re being told so far?

For me, I am thinking it’s what we’ve heard, yet, the description of him that we’ve gotten from those that knew him, Fam and GF Haven’t heard him described as any kind of angry guy or zealot, nor any recent personally or pattern changes have been disclosed, nor a manifesto or note of some sort to the police who he had to know would be poring over every cell of his life after he does the deed. He sounds more or less normal, if a bit eccentric. Tho, his new neighbors of a few months claim to have never actually seen him, so what ever that means.


Whatever his message, he’s taken steps to make sure we don’t find out what they are.

I’m already sick of the conspiracy shit and it hasn’t even taken off. groan


In a word, yes.


Wow, he must have had some big teeth!

Oh, wait.




I think usually there’s a pretty good story concocted by the perpetrators of false flag operations. Oswald was a communist who hated us for our freedom! Sirhan was a Muslim who hated our policies. The 19 Saudis who did 9/11 hated us for our freedoms!

What’s the story line with Paddock? Pretty sad planning if this was a false flag.