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…do we think out of 330 million Americans that Biden was the best choice as the Democrat nominee? Or do we think that the vote will swing toward him because he is simply a better human being, than Trump?

Will he surrender the Presidency to Mrs Harris after a couple of years in the job?

Are we at the stage now that we cannot even hope for a Biden Presidency, because honesty cannot trump lies and deceit?

I fear the Presidential debates, Trump has been honing his lies every single day against seasoned reporters, and he’s not as dumb as he continually tries to prove.If Nixon lost to JFK because he sweated too much decades ago, I worry about what a one liner from Trump might do in our news cycles.I refer to the “you would be in jail” comment that gutted Clinton.

Your thoughts would be appreciated, and might even prove to be a balm.


We’re pretty much not thinking Biden was our best choice, but he’s still the only person who can unseat Trump and that may be good enough. A lot of us want to see more socialization of healthcare and Wall St reform, one of us who was mostly well-liked was against the Wall St reform part but he dropped out a few months ago and hasn’t been responding to any of us.


I’m voting Trump for 4 more years of riots, race wars, civil war and the eventual total destruction of racist murica by the dumb racists themselves.




I think Biden is an attempt of Americans center that lean left and independents to harken back to the Obama years, a reset of sorts.

If Biden wins, and I’m hopefully, if not confident…then we’re stuck with Harris in four years and that’s another conundrum. She’s just not that well liked.

What a mess.


Jo Jorgensen.

If people actually voted for the better candidate…instead of just crying about it… we’d have a better president.


What do both parties have to offer?

Trump/Republicans - senile white guy offers civil war

Democrats - the other old senile white guy who ain’t trump that wants to prop up the same old failed racist system without changing anything that might effect the corporate donors.

Both choices suck… but yeah I’ll probably vote for the other old senile white guy vs a civil war…


“Every election, someone is there to tell us we must vote for “the lesser of two evils” and we can vote our principles “next time.” There is never a good time with this mindset, because granting that premise, your vote only counts if it helps them achieve what they want. Never mind what you want.”-Jo Jorgensen


The Democrats are extremely motivated.

The unfortunate death of Notorious RBG has ratcheted up this race.