"Officers arrived to a very chaotic and violent scene" is code for "yeah, our officer fukked up but the union wants his ass covered."




Fucking scum cops cannot defend themselves without a gun - they don’t even know simple street fighting tricks

fucking shot this guy 5 time - he did not have a gun and was mentally ill

5 fucking times - I think they have been given the go ahead by the trump admin to kill people at will to see how far they can go - call me crazy if you want


When Oregon had our most recent mass shooting a couple years ago at a Community College in a small southern Oregon town, they interviewed a youngish ex marine that CC’s he considered going toward the gunfire but he also knew Law Enforce was on the way, and he didn’t want to become a target (or step into crossfire) which he knew the gun in hand would make him. (Not to say the Colorado cop didn’t fuck up, but active shootings are tricky, and micro seconds count, that’s why tier 1 outfits spend hours and hours in their kill houses)


Minroseconds do count, which is why “swatting” has become such a popular sport among chickenshits.