Question for the vets


Do you remember the pancho liner? The blanket we call a “woobie”?


Taking that as a no… lol

Anywase, there’s a company that makes “woobie” hoodies and my Commander authorized them for wear of uniform while in the field. :sunglasses:


Here’s the version that might trigger some memories


From my marine core seal days.


“They” seem to be sold out of most of their stuff.



It’s an active duty mil dudes side hustle.


Never heard of it


Must be a post Korea thing.


It’s the pussies need a liner thing


Says the pog :wink:


Not everyone can be a hardcore, red-blooded meat eater.


How you gonna talk down about yourself like that.


Take away all the pogs and see what the fuck happens

I thot you was a team player - I guess not- jus another mindless brainwashed robot


The role of everyone that isn’t Infantry, is to support the Infantry.

Thanks for your support.




@Billdo I don’t think anyone here objects to transgender in the mil.


Sorry I’m late. Poncho is spelled with 2 O’s.

I do remember the liner. Since I spent most of my time in Nam in the central highlands, we had many cool nights PLUS mosquitos. So the liner was important. I probably slept under it or on it, I’d guess 320 nights out of the 378,.

Of course, adding a hoodie to it would really fuck that up so I’m surprised nobody’s thought of it until now.


My guess is post GWOT millenialism + entrepreneurism sparked some creativity. Plus Combat Arms getting approval to wear in the field helps, of course.


Adding a hoodie = creativity



12th century