Real Mexican food


I make delicious mole.


I have a friend (Mati) who was trying to teach me about mole when she was still here. Now, sadly, her hubs has moved them to TX. But she kept 2 mole “starters” in her kitchen, one for her velvety red mole and another for her black which I understood to have Oaxacan roots and which was interesting as hell. Bottom line though, she could produce a mole in 20 minutes that would take several hours starting from scratch.


Prove it, or it didn’t happen.



Don’t knock it until you have tried it. Crispy shell(lightly buttered) with bursts of inner flavor. I call this AmeriMex cooking.:grin:


We can meet anywhere in San Jose. I can show up with a container of mole for you and the missus.


Take that Mex out please. :rofl:


The wife wouldn’t eat it. More for me :yum:


Really? Oh that’s too bad.



I adore Mexican.