Real Mexican food


There’s a place here called amigos that does $3 shots, beers, and taccos. They also do 30 wings for $15.

I usually drink before I eat so I can’t tell you if the food is good or the drugs and alcohol are good. Either way it’s a good night though.



What’s the one on the left?



Had carne asada fajitas from El Roy’s in Petaluma last night, great…


Looks like you’re really getting authentic Mexican food now.

Maybe you can come down and have a meal sometime in San Jose. There’s a new place called La Luna in San Jose. Well, new to me, 2 years old. Just ate there Saturday.

Amazing, they’re doing so well they’re opening up another in a shopping center called the Pruneyard soon.

You gotta try it Wabbit.


Hmm, looks like they’re opening a 2nd at the Pruneyard soon. I assume the old El Burro space.


I’m assuming so. I felt that El Burro was sub-par myself.

This place is excellent. Not cheap, but not outrageous for Bay Area costs of running a business either.


I was telling my roommate we should go to San Jose and have lunch or dinner with you someday.

On the way to the weed store in Santa Rosa I drive through the barrio there and I always see a crowd at this truck, gonna have to try it someday…


I go deep in the barrio for the best Mexican food.


Dinner last night, a couple blocks from our new house. Great food.


What are in those tortillas?


hummm :rofl:


Is there like an employee discount on the food?


It was the best quesadilla ever.