Remember - Today is Selection Sunday


Don’t miss it.
…Great vid. History.


Ah, yes. The important stuff.


5 minutes to selection.


You’re just a typical braindead tool who needs to be entertained so you don;t have to think about reality at all.


Studies show that entertainments are most needed by people of higher intelligence, Lotus. No wonder you despise them so.

PS: did you watch the vid, Lotus, or did incuriosity get the better of you?


Entertainment is the opiate of the masses.

Bread and circuses.

Look it up.


I don’t have to look it up, Lotus. Or anything else you ever mention or “enlighten” us about.

PS: Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people!


…and here is your field of 68, folks.


It COULD be argued that I already posted this entire thread earlier today.


I have know those who where not adept when it came to sport - but none-the-less were enthusiastic.


I did the brackets in 2015 and 2016, to please a friend who is now deceased.

I was in the 96th percentile in 2015 and the 92nd in 2016. Not bad, I thought, for someone who’d not watched a college hoops game all year (except D3.)

I hope not to expend the energy on present or future brackets, though.


Often - in the work pools - it was a woman who never watched or thought of the sport who won or challenged. Mammals beat fish, blue beats yellow etc.
…I am not shocked you did so well. :laughing:


In any sport that involves handicapping, a good number cruncher with a little psychic ability and a concrete understanding of the sport’s core skillsets can always do well. I do less well in hockey because I understand it less well. I’m scary good at harness racing but not at thoroughbreds, and I’m amazing at the dog tracks (though I eschew that activity.)


Wherein a coach blames his loss on the fact that the millenials on his team care nothing except to keep their noses in their phones and ignores the fact that the team that beat his is also made of millenials.

The Yahoo comments are full of people blaming libs for millenials and not understanding how age-limited tournaments are filled with the same age group of participants.