Reporting racists on facebook to their employers


Is always a good time… I just posted screenshots of some racist asshole’s comments all over the Facebook page where he works at lol.


There’s a couple fb pages i visit that do that, a lot…especially that poor soul that left commenting and or reacts open to strangers. In fact one of them is called “Lets make a racist famous” but oddly that page is quieter than it’s compatriots.


This is why I don’t talk politics or religion on FB.


I’ve never reported anyone for being shitty on social media of any kind.


Miss you, Oak!


Me too, Countess!

I was thinking about you this weekend. Hope things are good!


I’m doing better. Hope everything is good with you and yours.

Keep in touch lol


Will do. Was going to contact you directly but thought you might be with family on the weekend and didn’t want to bother you.


You can always text me. Big game weekend. Both of hubby’s teams won, yay lol


I’m a Raiders fan. You guys too? You’re from LA and Mexican, gotta be Raider fans.


My husband is. I’m a Lakers girl. I don’t get football


What’s not to get? In football, you can use your foot when punting, kicking field goals or extra points, and the kickoffs. Otherwise no foot in football.

Get it?


It’s simple really, the Football Team inflicting the most TBI’s wins.

Geaux Seahawks!


I can’t get into football. Basketball, yes. I understand the point system and everything. Football is a bunch of dudes fumbling on each other.



I watched it as a little girl with my dad.