Roached Tubes


So I broke out the amp last night and it was noisy as fuck… so today I took the back cover off and as suspected… the tubes look roached to me… I thinks they’re supposed to burn blue not red… I’m sure they’re overdue, I played this thing a lot and have never replaced them, likely the originals. But fuck… $100 to retube it…


Can’t ya get em tested - some shop must have a tester - not trying to be a smartass - I know it ain’t back in the day where every drug store had a tester


Maybe at some specialty electronics place that I don’t know of, pretty sure the CVS doesn’t have a tube tester lol…

So tracking down the noise, I think a lot of it’s coming from the fan on the lower left… maybe the tubes are ok…

A new fan is only $25 but of course getting to it, to swap it out doesn’t look like a simple feat!


My tubes might be ok…


Disconnect the fan if ya could - a minute to find out won’t hurt


Oh I can hear it…I’m pretty sure the tubes are shot too, getting feedback at higher volumes on the high gain channel with nothing plugged into the amp.

I’m guessing Normus might know more than I do about this stuff…


Used to be a nice amp but it might be time to send it to the graveyard or sell it cheap to someone that fixes them.


I think this amp is good to go now, turned out to be an easy fix. There was a short in a volume pot that was causing all sorts of havoc, cleaned the pot and everything seems fine. Fan is a little noisy but tolerable, doubt if you can find one that’s completely quiet.

I bet if I had taken it to a repair shop, they’d have cleaned the pot and charged me $50.