SG stalwart Lokmar in Malaysia


Who knew?

A Malaysian man says he found monkey selfies and videos on his missing phone a day after retrieving it in the jungle behind his house.

The content - including footage of a monkey that appears to be trying to eat the phone - has been widely shared on social media since Zackrydz Rodzi posted it on Twitter.


Does the monkey have creative rights?


He doesn’t know what those are. He works for bananas and sends a bunch here and there to the Orangutan King in tribute.


One thing I notice is that he discovered his phone missing at 11AM Saturday, and found it by ringing it Sunday. But photos appeared online at BBC Saturday around 2 Saturday, which means he hadn’t released them. Either he has a share that anyone can publicly grab from and get BBC to use unattributed, or that monkey has its own Insta account.


What has this world come to when even lower primates can troll us?


Now to be fair, just because Lokmar is only part white, comparing him to primates might not be PC. Just because he is legally an idiot, we should all try to be more tolerant of him.