The Beginnings of the Backlash?

Actress Bijou Phillips has apologized to “Mean Girls” star Daniel Franzese, who accused Phillips of body-shaming and physically assaulting him on the set of the 2001 indie movie “Bully.”


Maybe if people had proper boundaries none of this shit would happen.


You mean like if they were more PC or what?


PC is just a non-PC person’s way of saying you’re not allowed to be an asshole. How about just don’t be an asshole.


You are being too clinical in your terminology.
…What of honesty?

PS: I am offended by your use of the word asshole. Please keep proper boundaries.


I’m not sure why this is a backlash. I see it as a woman who acted like a jerk and was called out on it. The actor calling her out was prolly inspired by all the other people coming forward re harrassment.


Well - consider all of the men who have - in one way or another, for one or another reason, been humiliated by a woman. So far all of the reported offenses have been by men. Now here we see the man as the victim. At some point, men collectively, are going to make counter arguments.


He’s not making a counter argument. SMH


The thread title is: The Beginnings of the Backlash?

A backlash is inevitable.


This is not a backlash, or the beginnings of one. It is simply a man calling out an asshole of a woman. Sort of the same problem, different gender.




How does that make it a backlash?

Kevin Spacey stands accused of harrassing young, often underage males. Is the fact that his accusers are male instead of female some sort of pre-beginnings of backlash?

Not seeing it.


It will be much broader. Men will eventually see an attack on intrinsic manhood/maleness itself, and react to it.


Yeah, right. You mean this kind of manliness/maleness?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Susan Bertram said she was 31 when she was assaulted by the actor in 1991. She said that after a day of shooting near Deming, New Mexico, Bertram went to Knepper’s trailer to drop off some clothes. When she leaned over to reach a rack on a far wall, she said Knepper “jumped up,” reached under her dress and grabbed her crotch “as hard as he could.”

She added that Knepper shoved her against the wall and said “I’m going to f— your brains out.” Bertram said she managed to push him off telling the actor, “I’m working, I’m working!” before running out of the trailer, where she says she just fell to her knees in the dirt. When she looked herself over later, Bertram saw that Knepper had ripped the crotch of her tights, and she was bleeding. As she describes it, Knepper “gouged at her vulva during the assault and a piece of her flesh and some pubic hair had been torn out.” Afterward, she “sat there and cried for a while. My dress was torn, I was dirty. I just sat there and got myself together and went back to the wardrobe trailer.”


Or, perhaps you mean this sort of manliness:


Nope - it isn’t.

…but you’ll see in time.


What will I see in time? That men will be given the legal right to harrass and assault because taking away those rights is an affront to their manliness?


Let’s call all these dicks out so maybe we can get to the root of a major problem in Hollywood - unchecked workplace harassment.


How PC of you.


Did I forget the sarcasm font again?