The Catholic church needs hung


You wont change my mind.


These day’s I’m constantly surprised that people aren’t burning down their churches.

But if you point out how the Catholic church has been killing, stealing, maiming, and such, since they came to power, and you’ll get to listen to a bunch of brainwashed twats screaming about how you’re catholic bashing.

IMO the ONLY reason they’re against abortion is that they like to have a wide selection of kids for them to sexually abuse.


I went to Catholic school for a few years and all the nuns and priests were very upstanding and nice. Some of the nuns hated me, but they had good reason. They put extreme effort into teaching and there was order. Lots of order. I have often said that things went south when teachers were not allowed to smash faces into blackboards any longer.


The creepy pedophile commits a false dilemma fail to obscure his own vileness.


Because George Pell is every Catholic?


I thought I was pretty clear when I said the church, not every Catholic ever.


@Borommakot Think about that, take all the time you need.

If there is no Holy Roman Church, there are by definition no Catholics.

Your OP is therefore a logical fail, or else you’ve back pedaled. Which is it?


Anyone ever notice that the most conservative institutions are the most perverse?


Now that you mention it…


Is every catholic a deacon, priest, pope, etc?


My point being, is every Catholic “Officer” a pedophile or involved in the cover up for pedophiles? I haven’t seen anything showing that.


How do you clean out a warren?

You burn it out.


No, but don’t torture me with one of your false analogies as my reward for talking to you.


So you realize I’m right.


Of course not. I suspect (based on your question) you’re about to construct a false analogy. WTF would be “right” about that?

Just accept that I busted your earlier false analogy and crushed your argument with one poast, as I often do.


Except you didn’t. The church IE, The Vatican, all the cardinals, deacons etc need to be hung.


I agree the entire US Army Officer Corp from all NCO’s on up, should have been summarily executed immediately after My Lai was discovered.


Thanks for admitting that you’re too illiterate to be in this conversation. The Catholic church is a COMMUNITY of believers, including roughly 1,200,000,000 persons. Over a billion souls. That would take a lot of rope, eh.


When someone says “the church”, one (who is intelligent), refers to the hierarchy of such a place


Did you ever play that “game” as a child with your hands,
This is the church, this is the steeple, open the door and here’s all the people" review that and if you can diagram for us where the distinction is made between the church goers and the church management admin staff.