The End of the Bandit... Come on in, Burt



Aah, that’s sad, I always liked him and all those old red neck playboy movies he did.





82’s not a bad run. He prolly coulda done better, except for the physical toll of having to get literally tossed out of bars and stuff in the movies.


I remember laughing my ass off at Hooper. One of my favorite lines is one I use on FB when trolling Trumpers, is “Hey save some of that vodka for breakfast” (Maybe the only line I remember, except for the drunk on a park bench with dozens of empty beer cans scene, “Oh no officer, we’re waiting for our mother to come pick us up”

I think he could have pulled off more serious dramatic roles too, he played a good bad azz in Deliverance, but it was just a more subdued version of Hooper and the Bandit.


Grew up on all those old movies… I think Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck are both trans “T” men though… not to take anything away from them, they sure woo’d the ladies… :slight_smile:


I never thought that either one of them was all that interesting looking myself.


They weren’t high art or anything, they were just bigger budget mirth and mayhem b movies with regular Joe fantasy hijinks.


They had 150 or so pink Cadillacs at Aretha’s funeral. I wonder how many Trans Ams could be scared up for his funeral procession. Again GM will have to dig deep.

The funeral is Eastbound and Down


Also, fuck Coors, I’ll keep 1977 Sally Field and you keep the beers