They hate immigrants so much recruits and reservists


being booted out of the military. That’s a lot of hate for people willing to shed blood to earn their citizenship.


Even more Bullshit.


Weird. My BCT company has like 6 or 7 immigrants who earned their citizenship by enlisting. They had a ceremony for them and such.

My NCO Academy group had an immigrant who earned his citizenship through enlistment.


It’s your Supreme Orange Cocksucker in Chief’s army now.


My squadron had 5 Phillipinos in it for the then pathway to become citizens. Of course because they were Phillipino they got the shit jobs.


Only thing now is they can’t have a security clearance unless they’re a citizen.

Which means they usually get shot jobs.

It makes sense though, but they should be able to reclass after they’ve earned their citizenship.


In Guam we had two Filipino US navy guys who were in charge of getting us a place to stay, driving us to our gigs etc. That’s all they were required to do, but these guys would go all out and show up in the morning with a big cooler with food and a couple cases of beer and take us to the beach, then they’d drive us around to the bars and hotels on the island after we’d get done playing… and they were having a blast too.


Some of them are good people.


The majority*


We have to know what these people are up to before we go ahead with this pgoram though. Most of them might be ok but we have to be careful anyway.


We’ve had immigrant enlistees for decades. What’s changed top justify this change?


Yeah you never know if they might be in debt to the Russian mob for billions and might even try to become president or something.




If anyone wants to actually read this, Obama (not Trump) effectively froze the MAVNI project. Mattis reinforced it. (Again, not Trump)

These are not Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines. They’re recruits and have not left for training yet.

This is an additional project to the normal citizenship/enlistment granting project.

And FYI, MilitaryTimes is a liberal news source.


Of course - it’s always Obama


Well this time it actually was. lol


This is right out of military times - so yer full of it again

took me all of 7 seconds

Not a word about O


Different article, different project… you’re special you know that?

I said Obama practically halted MAVNI.

What you posted has nothing to do with MAVNI.


It has to do with deportin stupid mother fuckers wot fought in Iraq - you fuking worship the people that do this kind of thing

how the fuck you can absorb the abuse you take on CBT is mind boggling


I’ve always been in favor of immigrants earning citizenship through service.
Different subjects. It’s also the internet and I highly doubt you’d talk the trash you do in person… so. I take everything lightly. Especially from you.