Things are almost exploding


So, call what you want, Rio is an example of what Brazil has become

The army has taken it over and still, crime is rampant. People are clearly saying “We lost Rio”

There’s no cleaning it without destroying the rest. Look at google. The “good areas” of it are tiny, encroached by a never ending sea of slums.

Rio is ground zero for Brazil’s hardcore liberal lunacy, home to “Rede Globo”, the major TV network that has been responsible for Brazil’s total moral degradation since the day it was founded. So, it’s kinda ironic that it has become what it did.

You see, places with this kind of violence, are usually associated with places fighting for independence, or religious wars, or stricken poverty, like Africa.

But nope. The country’s economy is rebounding, lots of jobs are going unfilled, there’s no outspread drought, everything should be ok, people should be out there, working, creating a market, Brazil has this huge territory.

But thanks to a evil culture of laziness, of bitching and cutting corners, of taking from the nature instead of growing it, it has become this hellhole. No other way of putting it. It’s not “cultural differences”, it’s not bad income distribution, it’s not racism. It’s pure and simple the worst side of human nature, a clear show of what happens when you try to be “free spirited” and “free of rules”. Brazil’s fate should be the final nail in the coffin of many ideologies and mindsets.

There’s no more to be added to the experience. Those denying the effects are getting smaller in numbers and, just like nature, things will always correct themselves. Even though they tried to completely corrupt the Brazilian people, and they did manage to get 20% or so that way, but good won’t be defeated by evil. And when you put all the bullshit and theories apart, that’s what it boils down to. Good vs. evil. You can go around the slums, the working class districts, the middle class, everywhere. As much as they try, the outrage is the same. They are going to start doing the cleaning themselves. When you tell the population “do what you want”, you create chaos, but at the same time, you create something bigger than chaos.

And all that talk about wheat and chaff being separated happens.



But, why aren’t the conservatives fixing everything?


You all should just wall it off and start over. See how long it takes before those animals realize they’ve been locked into the hellhole they have created.


I’ve told you countless times Lotus, there’s no real representation of the right wingers here in Brazil in politics

Things might change if they elect Bolsonaro in 2018, but if you look at the name of the parties, 95% o them have “workers, communist, democrat or socialist” in their names.

How can Michel Temer be a con if he was Dilma’s vice-president?

One things is for sure, the changes that came after he took Dilma’s place at least stopped us from the free-fall towards Venezuela style chaos we were in.

But it’s pretty much all of the same with everything else.