This unemployed life is great


Is that at Costco?




Okay. I’m casually looking into a camera.


Me too, my phone cam isn’t that good.


I have a good camera. It’s good for spontaneous pics. But want to pick up photography as a hobby. I have some knowledge and experience with cameras, but would like to pick it up again.


Base model Canon Rebels are an outstanding buy if you’re not looking for something too expensive.


Any one of those cameras should be good for you. Are any of them mirror less? Mirror less is a huge improvement.


Get into Photography they said, it will be fun they said.


Did you do ‘artistic’ shoots of former boyfriends?:grin:


No, I took picture of nature. I am a fledgling photographer at best.


Finally got my chair today, took forever…


What chair is that again?


Just a gaming chair that I use for a computer chair, not a gamer.



Job interview tomorrow morning, SEO Strategist, $60k a year. I need something like that minimum.


Good luck!


I think I’m getting a second interview with the head of SEO which should be me. I hate these awkward interviews with people who are basically secretaries.


Trump better get my socialist stimulus check and extra unemployment soon or I might start my own nightly riot. How else do Republicans expect to prop up their fake socialist economy?


The Mid interview TC or Trial Closes are always good,

“I find that fascinating, so is this the area you want me to focus on?” etc, similar in a sense to the assumptive close

“I have a couple small projects I’d like to finish first before starting, so I assume a Monday start date works for you?”

Oh and tooting your horn, “I did this, that and the other thing, and then everyone clapped”


The tax cuts on Trillion Dollar Corporations will pay for everything.


Job interview today… weed company, Master Grower… have another one tomorrow for sales rep for a vape cartridge company. WML