This unemployed life is great



…n stuff


Went pretty good it seemed like, they said I had way more experience than most of the people they get applying.


Well I didn’t get the growing gig but I think I can get a 20 week extension on my unemployment. 🥳😁🥳


Yeah, but if you got the job you would be paying for everybody else’s socialist stimulus check.:rofl:


I got a text this morning that they automatically applied me for a 13 week unemployment extension. Not the 20 I was hoping for but I’ll take a few more months off! I’ve gotten one of the $300 a week payments I’m owed by Commie Donny sent to me so far, I hear they’re coming in gradually to people’s accounts… They owe me like $1500 at this point on those… still better than working :joy:


One of my neighbors, just got I think she said 23 separate checks from ue in the mail the other day.


I’ve seen that happening to people in OR, but she has been going without forever too right?


Yeah, she waited several months


The unemployment rate in this country is 8.4% officially. It’s not like there are tons of jobs out there for people.