Thoughts on tax payer fraud in WA?


I’d like your thoughts.


Generally breaking the law is frowned upon, and I suppose the authorities might want to respond.


Not only do these clowns need to be criminally sanctioned, someone needs to tell the West Coast “liberals” in the legislature that giving a bunch of grifters an unnecessarily nuanced schedule, and then frequently revising said schedule, is a three star recipe for this kind of shitbaggery.

In this state, as I’ve already mentioned when we discussed license tag charges, we err on the side of simplicity (but just barely err.)


I feel as if west coast liberal legislators are so far left they’re fascist.

Truly not a representative of The People.


Define fascist as you’ve used it.


Forceful ruling and taxation.

I’m not wrong.



I didn’t read the whole link, and maybe there was malfeasance on the part of the state and maybe it was just incompetence. For years in the Car Business we would tell people that had some car with a “Big Book” but it’s actual value ie what will a wholesaler pay you for it. Could be a lot less, so we would often council people to donate their cars and they could get Kelly Blue Book for it, which is thousands more than it is worth to any dealer. Well the IRS finally caught up with that program after years, and now if you donate your car you only get what your charity auctioned or sold it for. Like I said, that could be a few thousand bucks depending on the car etc


Yeah, you exercise Freedom of Choice in deciding what kind of car to sink tens of thousands of dollars into, and the fuking state takes you hostage by soaking you as hard as it fuking can with the taxation of your ownership of it as well as your usage of it. Remember, you bought the goddamn thing with after-tax dollars in the first place so you were already taxed by the fed and usually the state on the fruit of your labor in earning those dollars.

Imma make another thread on taxes in just a sec.

More on taxation -- everybody wants a piece of your ass

Employer taxed when they gave me money, I’m taxed when I receive it, I’m taxed when I pay for it, and taxed yearly just for the privilege of utilizing it. Same goes with just about everything.



That’s not fascism tho.


Oregon’s DMV fee’s have gone up a fair amount,but I think we are still among the lower states for license and registration fees, and no excise or sales taxes on cars either. I just renewed tags on a car and I think it was $80.00 for 2 years, that’s it.

I don’t know what she’s paying now but a few my sister was paying close to 2K a year for a 5 year old Honda. Including taxes and registration fees. in CT