Tour helicopter just went down in the East River w VIDEO



Wait, people pay to see NYC?

Just wow!!!


2 dead as of this post.


I would never get into one of those tour helicopters.


I’m guessing the deaths are from drowning or hypothermia, or both. Evidently there were more than 3 people on board, and of course the helo sank but is not watertight… so there probably will be more deaths.

The same disaster in summer could have resulted in zero fatalities. Sadly, having to ditch a helo in the water is a bad business…but judging from the video it appears to have been done “by the book.”

The river was a last resort as it was with Sully several years ago, because while it doesn’t take a LOT of space to land a helo without power, it takes more space than one is likely to find in NYC.

Fortunately, it’s an optional lifestyle choice even for you.


Luggage hit fuel shutoff


Well that muddies the forthcoming law suits


Streaming yer own on Instagram

I would be watching the view rather then a fucking phone


I saw another video a few months ago made by a bride who was taking a helicopter to her wedding and filming it. It went down seconds later and she died.

Maybe selfie videos are a jinx on helicopters.


I don’t want to be in the air in anything that doesn’t have wings.


LOL, it’s an Infernal Machine and there are jinxes from one end to the other.

But once you’ve experienced how amazing they are to toss around, you’ll never go back to motorcycles.


I paid like $20 each once for a gf and I to go on a 20 minute or so joyride with some stunt helicopter pilot doing all kinds of crazy shit, I’d never do it again, and surprised I didn’t lose my lunch.


I will play intern cause I am in sich a good mood

A rotor is a wing

A rotorcraft or rotary-wing aircraft is a heavier-than-air flying machine that uses lift generated by wings, called rotary wings or rotor blades, that revolve around a mast. Several rotor blades mounted on a single mast are referred to as a rotor


I appreciate your pedantic response but I meant wings that can glide you to safety if engines fail and such.


Helicopters have such a thing - spoony can splain it but here it is

Helicopters are designed specifically to allow pilots to have a reasonable chance of landing them safely in the case where the engine stops working during flight, often with no damage at all. They accomplish this via autorotation of the main rotor blades.

yer making me play intern a lot


My dad told me a story from when he was in the marines in the 50s. They wanted to show the capability of the new helicopter and picked out two to be the volunteers, dad was one. So they hovered up, cut the engines, dropped, then flipped a switch and used the rotor force somehow to show the fall and land without power. What Duke is describing I presume.

I said you must have shit your pants and he said “no, but I couldn’t shit for four days I was so clenched”.


The stunt pilot ride that guy was letting it drop, doing nose dives at the ground, flying almost sideways it felt like with open doors, was scared to death I was going to fall out, just a chintzy lap belt, it was like a crazy roller coaster ride and I didn’t care for it. The guy was some Hollywood stunt pilot or some shit.


I’m sorry you can’t accept my answer as it is my personal preference. That’s probably why you’re still just an intern.




I think it was my first week in my squadron “they” asked me if I wanted to go up on a “maintenence hop” where something was just fixed or installed or altered whatev. and they wanted to fly it and check it out, anywho, the plane captain an AW enlisted guy comes to the back area where I am with a goofy grin, and he sits down across from then says something into his mic (I have no mic or ears) then the bird just DROPS…i don’t know how far probably only a hundred feet or so, enough that I could feel the props autoratating and slowing us, sort of. (When the pilot releases the clutch and sends power back it feels like how I imagine a bungy jump might feel you just slowly and smoothly decelerate and then go into a hover and then mosy on across the bay. But it literally felt like I was the Coyote out their just beyond the edge of the cliff and falling like a rock.


Ditching into water is only a bit more complicated. You’ll have to splash in a bit harder, having preserved enough rotor inertia to allow you to yank the helo over onto its side (the side where the rotor blades are advancing, not retreating, usually the right side.) The goal is to get the wings into the water and stop their movement before everybody un-asses their seats and goes out on the high side.