Trying to eat healthy


Those poor poor girls.


Didn’t they used to also bind their feet to make their arches higher?


Actually, they bound their feet to make it hard for them to walk. Very successful operation.


Yeah, to cripple them - but they could still make sandwiches


176 lbs after shitting my guts out this morning. Losing a lb or two a week it seems like, my old pants will fall off me without a belt.


Good job!

Weight loss should be slow.




1 or 2 a week is ok. After the first easy pounds shed off, 2 a week is generally the MAX rate you want to lose at.


Agreed. A dear high school friend of mine has lost 100 lbs since Jan 2017.
I’m very happy/proud for him, but I pray the weight doesn’t creep back up on him.
I’ve obviously known him forever and when we were in high school/college he was athletic, but never overweight.
He said the fitbit actually helped him, I’ve read mixed results.
It has more to do with healthy eating/exercise.


How the heck did he manage that???


The wife bought him a fitbit for Christmas and then told him she was having an affair. (25+ years married)
So, multi-layered; depressed about the affair, wanted to get healthy, and wanted to win her back.
At his heaviest he was 298 and he’s now down to 198 lbs at 6’1.
Sweetest man on the earth, so happy for him to get his health and wife back. :smile:


But 100lbs in a few months? Eeek!


As a health food fanatic myself, its wonderful to hear all these stories of people who’ve lost weight.


Yes, that worries me, as well.
But, he’s back in recreational hockey shape! :relaxed:


We’ve been over this Lou. Chocolate is NOT a vegetable and typing isn’t an aerobic exercise.



Why do you say these cruel things.


@Billdo how’s the healthy eating going?

What’s your goal, weight or BMI, or both?


No goals, just trying to eat well.


If you need guidance and advice I am here to help.



Huge mistake. She betrayed him.