Welcomed to Europe, Arms outstretched


Are you not aware that this thread is about Syrian refugees?

They need help you know, not faux outrage on the internet.




Yes. I know it is about Syrian refugees. Since when does standing in favor of allowing refugees to come here require that you take a refugee into your home?


Only in the Bizzarodawg world.


Others are doing it, why not you? You know, put your money where your mouth is…


Right, Oak. I suppose you think that’s a righteous argument of some sort.


It just goes to show you’re nothing but talk.


Since when do refugees to this country expect to be put up by private individuals who aren’t family?


Did I say refugees expected anything?


Your argument (that you have been repeating for months) is that no one can be sincere unless they volunteer to house refugees. Where do you come up with this shit?


I accept your surrender.

You ain’t gonna do shit…EVER. Never have and never will.


I’m not going to invite refugees here. We have a very small place.

That is not the limit of what people can do, and you have no clue what I do. Your arrogance is astonishing.


excuses excuses


Paid poster stealing tax payer money schools others on how to be good citizens.


Great answer