Well, this is weird


I was messing around with my cell phone
and turned on the wifi.

So it scans and finds all of the signals in the

The “FBI Surveillance” one was a surprise.

Makes me wonder if it’s a joke on someone’s
part, or if the Feds aren’t smart enough to
change their wifi ID.

Either way, it was weird.


It’s a joke on someone’s part, probably to scare away wifi thieves.

At least that’s what I have been instructed to say so that my own secrets are kept.


I thot you did not want any fancy phones - I guess you was making up bullshit - now yer got yer face stuck in it which is what you did not want - LMAO

download this for navigation - best there is - makes google maps look like a joke



It’s another flip phone. $30. Still not fancy.

The camera on the other died, and I’ve become
addicted to taking pics of my cats.

So I found a cheap replacement.

I keep the mobile network/data off
when I don’t need to check the local
temps, and I noticed it had wifi capability.


My wifi name is Dude Where’s my Wifi?
Used to be NSA Van #3.




Atleast I don’t pretend I’m not wrong… like you :slight_smile:





Would you like some Cheese with that whine?


I’ll take some champagne with this success.