Why would you not want to pump yer own gas?


Why the fuck would I want to wait fer some asshole and then pay him and wait again

I can do it quicker myself without any hassle


I can see it being nice for some older and disabled folks but I’ll pump my own thanks, please be ready to quickly take my money and send me on my way.


I don’t remember a time when someone pumped my gas for me.


There’s a place where I used to live that had a couple pumps with an attendant and then pumps where you could pump your own, their prices were a little higher but they always seemed busy… back when I was a kid (70’s) a gas station attendant pumping gas was the standard everywhere then they introduced self service didn’t they?


Maybe it was after the 70s gas shortage.


I have no idea why this became a big deal Nationally, it only effects small rural areas, it might impact upwards of 5% (if that)of the total population of the state.

I am perfectly fine having my gas pumped for me, if I bought a New Porsche with the $9000.00 Custom Paint To Sample done on it, I might be more wary about someone spilling a drop of gas on the paint.


Everyone pumps it here - I refuse to get it in Jersey cause they pump it - if it’s busy you gotta wait


That was one BIG surprise when I moved to NJ. I hd been pumping my own gas in Michigan since I was able to drive.

True story, first time out here I pulled into a gas station I got out and grabbed the nozzle and was looking for the place to push my credit card in and the guy came RUNNING out asking what I was doing. I said getting my gas. He said no no, we’ll pump it. I said relax, don’t be silly, I got this. No no, STATE LAW, you can’t pump gas.

WTF? How stupid.


Maybe the person pumping gas before you had a booger on his finger. That’s why I take along a can of Lysol and spray the handle. LOLz


Actually, pumping your own gas is kind of like going through the self-serve line in the grocery store. It puts people out of work.