Write us when you find work Priebus


White House chief of staff Reince Priebus will be replaced by Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, Trump says


Totally offside but whenever I hear Reince Priebus I end up saying it rather loudly with a German accent.


If you remove the vowels you get



Hahaha! Good find!


More time to suck his own dick.

Within 2 days Trump will make a veiled threat against Rinse Penis leaking info.


“He that lies down with dogs shall rise up with fleas.”


Never understood why the God Emperor wanted this cuck in the first place. Glad to see he will do things his way from now on.


Well if you were looking up “cuck” in the dictionary I think you’d find a picture of old Donny Tinyhands himself. Do you really think his Russian honey trap lets him poke her with his micropenis?


And is Rinsed Privates really any better?


The right loves to disparage the left mainly with the term but yet they worship the Cuck in Chief… pretty hilarious…


Either Kelly or Mooch will be gone within a month. And neither will make it a year.