York County, PA is 92% white


and evidently not a good place to be jailed if yer black.

This story is a dumpster fire and no MSM coverage whatsoever…just county papers. Take yer pick.


Can’t be, there is no racism anymore, I hear it all the time.

Question… could this gentleman have been an aficionado of hoodies, and/or skittles? This could be a mitigating circumstance of his deserving the poor treatment.


I have heard that the Sickle Cells can cause violent “head banging”, poor guy.


I bet he smoked the marijuanas too.


You mean gasp the black jazz cigarette?


IKR? Who knows how many white wimmins he’s raped, while hopped on those left handed cigarettes.


York County is not exactly redneck turf - by that I mean not like up in Northern Pa

State Capital is right next to it