1881, you never told us you have a son out in California!



Why do NE Asians always get a pass from racists like that guy?


Where was this little prick’s teacher while he was creating and setting up this project? Unbelievable.


Teachers assign science fair projects and that’s damn near it for involvement.

I’m concerned about the response and find it outrageous.

A student, someone who is supposed to be learning something, came up with a hypothesis which he tested and reported the results. His experiment offered an excellent opportunity for discussion and discovery but instead, it was eclipsed by butt hurt and misplaced outrage.

This racial sensitivity shit we are mucking in and countering with censorship is BAD. We aren’t dealing with this racial issue appropriately and it’s going to bite us in the ass. By us I mean humanity.


Do we know if his sampling methods were anything recognized by standard statistical analyses?

Or did he just pick the colored fellows at school he knew to not be the sharpest of knives, then crossed them against his smartest friends in the smart people club?


According to my understanding, his project was not scientific in any way. He simply tested some fellow students.

This kind of testing simply shouldn’t be done. It reeks of 20th century eugenics BS.


All very good questions! That is EXACTLY the kind of questions that should be discussed. The methodology should be challenged.

More importantly, what does the results really say? Why are black kids not doing as well on IQ tests? Where are they being failed by the system?

So much could have been done with this in the name of furthering education but instead we shame it and this kid.


The student tested his race and intelligence hypothesis by having a handful of unidentified teens of various racial and ethnic backgrounds take an online intelligence test. His report concluded that the lower average IQs “of blacks, Southeast Asians, and non-white Hispanics” means they were not as likely as “non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians” to get into the academically rigorous program.


#exhumingphrenology #pseudosciencebasedbigotry


Sounds scientific. Kid had a theory. He developed a method to test it. He reported the results. He followed with a conclusion.

This is a kid Lotus.




I don’t believe he was concerned with that. Not according to the info I’ve seen. Looking into where students of color are being failed by the system shouldn’t have anything at all to do with matching race to IQ. Unacceptable premise.




It doesn’t say what conclusions were drawn. I see an inference of intent.


If you taught High School Trout Fishing and the School’s star quarterback dynamited a lake for his final fishing vlog, give him a good grade after you just spent 2 weeks going over various trout rods and techniques and pros and cons of various lures and so on?


…because there are two things which may be happening but no way, on the surface of things anyway, to know which is playing how much of a roll. Some people simply are inherently more capable intellectually, and…IQ tests also favor those with more book lernin.


Did you teach him that’s how you fish?


Or online IQ tests are generally stupid and meaningless :slight_smile:


The project that started the controversy was titled “Race and IQ.” It raised the hypothesis: “If the average IQs of blacks, Southeast Asians, and Hispanics are lower than the average IQs of non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians, then the racial disproportionality in (HISP) is justified.”

The controversial project also included a bibliography and quotes from five books, one a text from 1904 called “The Essential Kafir” that argued South African blacks were intellectually inferior to whites. The term “kaffir” has since evolved into a racial slur in South Africa, where it is sometimes referred to as the “k-word.”

I’m still going with "The little prick.:


Okay and what if after testing the HYPOTHESIS the kid discovered there was no correlation and it’s not justified? Would that have been ok or should kids not ask, test, challenge and explore?

Isn’t that exactly what you want from a student or are they only allowed to test approved subjects in rigorously defined ways?