Always wanted to see NYC


Awesome… wish you could’ve shown me around.

I’m waiting for the train back to Jersey. Don’t know if I’ll get another free day.

But I can say… I’ve enjoyed myself. The east coast has been great so far, specifically NY.


Yep. And pretty in the Spring.


You know what Lotus thinks about selfies don’t ya?


I don’t care about someone’s opinion on something that literally has zero affect on them.


That guy in the lower of the pic looks muzzie, we sure he not some Force Recon Jihadist?


Looks Hispanic to me.

He was taking the money for the church.


@Borommakot, I would have advised you to head away from the financial district and see the good parts of NYC instead.

Hey, Witchy, Cafe Habana is my favorite NYC restaurant! I’ve eaten there half a dozen times. Crowded as fuck, but the food and the atmosphere are sooooo excellent.