How Amazon is screwing the USA


He looks like a midget alien.


Let me make this more clear for you - YOU ARE WRONG.


I hate Sunday mornings, mostly for the sadness I feel in reading threads like this one.


Anyway, Amazon is a far greater threat than WalMart ever was. Jeff Bezos sells more than 50% of EVERYTHING ordered online, he owns Whole Foods and the Washington Post (does anyone see a problem with that besides me?), and he has a 600 million dollar deal with the CIA. God knows how many independent businesses have shuttered thanks to him. Additionally, he abuses and underpays his employees, and, at a net worth of $127 billion, is the richest man in the history of the world.

People’s refusal to acknowledge the danger inherent in all this, and in the laws that have allowed it to happen, reminds me of the “teachers” in the Obedience to Authority study. We are a nation of tools.


It not that we don’t see it. It’s “WTF can we do about it?”




Well I already don’t shop at Whole Foods or buy the WP or order much from Amazon.

I just read recently that online sales make up very little in terms of actual retail. I saw far more stores shutter locally because of Walmart coming in than I ever did from Amazon. We couldn’t stop them either and we tried.


That’s not true. Here in LA, at least, protests by local residents prevented a WalMart from going in. These things are possible, if more people wake up and take a stand instead of sitting back and saying, “We can’t do anything. Now let me buy another frock coat.”


Oh we fought something fierce to have them not bring in the Walmart here. We told them it would kill local businesses and it did. Now it’s pretty much the only game in town but “I told you so” doesn’t get them the fuck out of the place. Now they offer groceries and compete with our local grocery providers. The argument that they “create jobs” is thrown around but now that so many other businesses have gone up, they’re starting to see the problem but the shift has been made. Those businesses are not coming back.


That sucks. But you still could put WalMart out of business if enough people boycotted them.


But if they boycotted them at this point, there would be no place to buy anything. They closed out all the other department stores as well.


I guess that was a typo. I thought you meant other businesses were coming in.


Sorry, I meant up as in belly up or as the old Italian ladies say “belly under”.


It took me a second also, but then I thought… gone up… in smoke?

(edit: or gone belly up as she said)


Of course they don’t have such things at WalMart. When I buy an article of that type it is from small American custom houses or specialty item shops. See - I support the mom and pop businesses.

…unlike you with your airline ticket buying, and fancy new major car manufacturer purchases.

You love to talk the cliche talk, but can you walk the walk, Lotus?

It seems guilt may be your real motivator, that is, if I can give you credit for having genuine pangs of conscience.


I am inclined to a different opinion about what point, if any, he has in this thread.


I’ve clarified what I took away from what Doc said and I agree with this:

Folks - we live in an age where the youth are getting “news” and perspective from comedians… Although it’s not just youth, the information being fed to us is more opinion than fact.

I’m aware he is/was trolling Lotus but sometimes you can find a nugget of truth in a pile of shit.


We’ve always done that, it’s not new to this age.


No - I wasn’t trolling. I was stating what my observations demonstrate as factual. That’s what I’ve made a practice of doing, and will continue to do so.

…and I do not need anyone to tell me what my observation and opinion is or should be.


I don’t think it’s been to the same degree.