How Amazon is screwing the USA


Well, it’s old news. Let’s buy frocks and bet on sports, then.


I don’t bet on sports, Lotus, but unlike you and so many merkans, I actually think there is value in dressing to look ones best and expressively, both for themselves and those they meet - it’s a sign of respect. There was a day when people cared about such things but, you know, we live in the enlightened age of casual. I’m sure you look great in your sweats and trail runners though.


That sounds like way too much work.


You’re right. That’s far more important than caring about the state of democracy.


Yes - because how could anyone do both? One has to make choices.


Am I the only one here who sees the futility of Dead Horse Beating and the insurmountable challenge of reassuring other posters that they are adored?

I doubt it, since this kind of thread all too often simply gets ignored by other posters who MIGHT still be receptive to a civil conversation about a fresh topic…if only they could see the possibility of one.


There is useful and artful narration, and then there’s you, Spoon - no really.


I tried and got cussed out.


Even though we agree there is artful and useful narration, we differ on what shape it might take.

Only the hard things remain. That bucket
with the bottom rusted out won’t do.
That old horse will - see how he
still runs toward the barn when he hears
the feed rattle into his bucket.
I know my teeth, the ones that are left.
Old Druids graying. I talk to them.
They speak of the caves in the icebergs
no one ever sees. I never thought
this would happen to me–everyone else
crossed the bridge over into that country
where folks wear out down to the ghost
and fade. Not me, no, I was going to go
my own way. The tangled trail along the fence
and the scent of the wild grapes always.
Love waiting in ambush somewhere.
This morning on the way out I found
a robin in the snow. Could not fly,
the dog sniffing at it. I tried to lift him
from underneath. He flew a few feet
and fell. Get up, I said.
When I come back from the barn
I don’t want you to be there.
Broke the ice in the water buckets,
Put up some hay. The Belgian
shoved his warm mug into my cheek
and sniffed. I think I’ll get through
this day. When I went outside again
the robin was gone. I said to the dog,
did you eat him? He said no,
and why do you always assume such things.
I said, I’m going to get through this day
all the way and tonight when I turn off the light
next to my bed, I’ll dread a little the journey out.

~~ Doug Anderson


I will always credit you with expressing your own views.

…which, of course, is what this thread is about.


You might, Lotus. But you don’t shop there, so your boycott won’t mean jack diddly. The people who shop there - do you know them? Do you understand their lives because you’ve seen them up close? Do you have any sense, any sense at all, what would change their life into the life of a person who would boycott the store?


I do but what I don’t know is what your point is.


My point is that, while you might, Lotus, and many others (let’s call them Libs) do not.


Ever notice that there is only one company that makes Monopoly games?


It’s moot Doc. You don’t need to shop there to know it takes money out of local communities and feeds it to some rich asshole who doesn’t need another nickel.

You don’t need to shop there to know it trades small businesses for minimum wage shit jobs.

There was a saying that I’d hear from a Cuban woman that amounted to “sometimes the cheap can end up costing you the most”.


That’s fine if you are raised in a culture which values education as some Cubans may be, but not so in the better portion of America where every day reality is much different. You can not expect people to act in opposition to their most immediate interests and with consciousness beyond their development…


That’s why it’s important for those in power to protect their interests for them.


Good luck there.


Luck? We’re at miracle status now.


That’s a matter of opinion.