How Amazon is screwing the USA


Don’t fucking start with me today. You already owe me an apology for yesterday.


You don’t seem to understand that I teach in LA County. I would say the majority of my students come from very poor families.

Not to mention that my family lives (barely) in the very bottom rung of the middle class, and my kids’ friends range from the occasionally homeless to the ridiculously wealthy.


Yeah but you’ve never seen them IN a Walmart so take that!


That’s true, because I’ve never set foot in a WalMart.


Which is a good indicator of how far removed your life and experience is from those who do.

…and yet you presume to tell them how to shop. How elitist.


STFU, Holly. I’m totally sick of you now.


Truth would sicken you if you weren’t afraid to take a look at it.
…but sure - go ahead, Lotus, blame it on me.


Why are you yanking so hard Doc? What’s up?


I’m sick of her phony lefty bullshit. Let her peddle it elsewhere. Parrots don’t get my respect for what they say.


I’ve never done coke but I know it’s bad, does that make me an elitist for not having that experience?


No - it makes you someone who doesn’t know the experience of someone who has though. Maybe you shouldn’t be the one to tell them how their life works, and what they should do…

Analogy lacking, friend. Why not live as a poor Pennsylvanian wearing a fart loading t-shirt w/o the benefit of your schoohowsin, and former knowledge/experience of things and see if you boycott WalMart - the one place you can afford to shop on government assistance.
…which could be a good segue into where problems lay.


I saw what you did there, pal. Is it possible ya got too many plates in the air at once here?


I have a clear formulation of my thoughts on the subject. I know these unidimensionalists here need time to be brought forth into two dimensions, then three…


With all due respect, three is just about one more than you can manage sober.

I won’t speculate about how many you can manage this evening.


One more than you, evidently.
…with all due respect, I mean.


Aren’t opinions fun?


Companies like Walmart who have contributed to American job loss in their quest to offer the cheapest products on the planet don’t get a pat on the back from me. Those stocking products on Walmart shelves have to meet incredibly low price points making it next to impossible to make anything in the US. That means fewer manufacturing jobs which means fewer people working at jobs that pay more than minimum wage which translates to more people in need to assistance.

Meanwhile, Walmart sits there all day and happy peddling it cheap Chinese shit as small businesses who keep money in local economies go under. Then it gets to the point that everyone has to shop at Walmart because that’s all there is. The local hardware store is gone. The independent clothing and shoes stores are gone. Crafting stores - bye bye. Walmart sells it cheaper. Toy stores? Forget it. LONG gone.

But hey, food stamps go that little bit further so YAY for Walmart!



Yes, I know.
My objection, as you know, was to the simple-minded idea that the problem could be solved as easily as boycotting these stores. It isn’t. I would suggest a review of that portion of the discussion.


I prefer to move forward rather than backward.

Boycotting would be better done BEFORE a Walmart gets into a location. Once it’s there, good luck with any boycotting success.

That said, I fully support those who spend their money in line with their ethics.



Don’t need to tell me that - tell Lotus and her meatshields.
PS: particularly once a generation has passed and it’s all the locals know. Nonetheless - let’s all get down there with our picket signs. :laughing: