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Reality Check for Jun 19, 2018 Comic Strip


My dad send me a math problem today. “If i have 43,000 sq ft. And drive a 1 inch spike into the ground. What r the odds id hit the 1 inch sprinkler pipe…”


A couple of days ago I noticed the power company had a crew at a house down the block, and digging up an area in between two driveways, near their pole. I went down to look, and it turns out when they replaced that pole nine years ago they put the anchor for a guy wire right thru the house’s street drain, a 4 inch plastic sewer pipe.

The homeowner has spent prolly thousands of dollars over the last several years on plumbers, and finally it blocked up in such a way they couldn’t clear it. But the last plumber suggested that the blockage was far enough down the line it was prolly on the city’s right of way, so the city came out and ran a camera in from the street side and diagnosed the problem.

The poor lady is sadly just gonna be out all the dough she spent on plumbers, but at least her sewer is fixed now.


I worked for a place the built equipment to tell how far a break was in a power line

So they used it someplace and the machine said 3000 feet or whatever

problem is the line was not 3000 feet long

so they sed yer equipment sucks

turns out for some reason they buried a whole fucking reel full of wire

true story

this machine could tell ya how far down the line the break was - crazy stuff


A lot of years ago, I was taking some electronics classes and they encouraged us all to attend this component trade show(gauges, dials, resistors and caps etc, Boring!) up in Portland, the thing we found there that appealed to the most us was this early infrared scope, they had packaged as an industrial tool for the show to in production qc etc, but they had a handheld, you could watch someones walking down the carpet and watch the heat signature from their shoes hitting the carpet, these little red footprints would follow the walker and fade out s they’d have this line of 3 or 4 ft of prints trailing behind, you could aim at people talking and see the “hot air” come out of their mouths little puffy red clouds of air like ciggy smoke…they wanted like $10K for it, you can probably an IR scope now for under a hundred. +/- I know another local a company up in Portland FLIR is making bank building ir cams for aircraft, police and military.(who knows might have been FLIR’s booth we were hanging out in that day)




Reminded me of this movie - a char Jamal was in it - good movie


Watch the vid - classic



Is “Banker” a color?