I'm butthurt


When I work overtime I usually get off around 1-3am. Today I got off at 1:48 and went to the store. Totally forgot but you can’t but alcohol after 2AM.

So I can’t even buy a beer after work…

For fucks sake.


Surely you’ve been taught the Seven P’s…



Indeed, this was a learning experience for Boro.:rofl:




Bet he won’t forget it again.


Damn prohibitionist LIBS


I simply don’t understand why Boeing doesn’t buy you guys beer at work.

PS, The Great State of Oregon allows sales until 2:30.


I used to run some soda machines and the owner at one place had me put beer in it fer his guys - true story


When I was in the Navy and first reported to my new barracks at NAS Jax, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I saw vending machines for beer right there in the barracks hallway, right next to the showers.


Literally piss-poor performance in this case.


One tries to be mildly indirect with Boro. He’s even less teachable than Scouse, if you can believe that.


There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to buy a beer at 3am.

Literally none.


Drinking n driving should be required!


Why not buy it when stores are open?


I lived in Seattle for a short time in the mid-seventies, and their liquor laws were fucked up even then. I worked for a month or so at Crazy Tony’s in the Bellevue Commons (Mad Anthony’s, the second of what would become a profusion of Anthony’s restaurants.) Crazy Tony’s was an American themed pub serving seafood and prime rib, but like every fucking tavern in the state they only served wine and beer. Seattleites thought it was the hottest thing on wheels, and it was busy and wild, but nothing like the places I’d worked in Chicago like the Fat Black Pussycat on Clark at Wellington.

You literally couldn’t buy a cocktail anywhere, you had to pay ridiculously high prices at a state-operated liquor store for a bottle of booze to take home.

And I never saw a 4 AM license anywhere, the whole time I was there. Ridiculous.


Because after a 11 hour shift all I wanted was a beer.

Just because I decide something spur of the moment and work an alternative shift means I shouldn’t be allowed to buy a beer? I had like 6 hours of my day left at that point.




You don’t have days off?


I think young Bromo is a bit of a workaholic. BTDT, lost the T Shirt.


Muh beerz, muh constitutionals…the outrageous!