It's exactly like this




How the left defend this imbalance is staggering in its absurdity.


That is so full of shit - srsly


Instead of merely closing your eyes and pretending it isn’t happening, how about demonstrating your intellectual prowess by highlighting WHY you believe it is so full of shit.


Why the fuck don’t you prove this is so

come to the USA illegally and get access to all of this - let me know how that works out - it’s bullshit

yeah, some people play the current system but free medical, free dental - get fucking serious


So you do feel guilty about how you convicts treated your natives?


Is that your informed response, or just another lefty outburst?

You will impress me far more with a factual rebuttal, based on evidence, than petty histrionics.

Perhaps its best you simply say nothing.


They got phones in Australia - make a few calls to the USA - pick a state and call a social agency and tell you are illegal and you want to know where to go to get free dental work

Fuck off - really - I am done with you


I had to take all kinds of shit in just to renew my drivers license.


He will just say it is cause you are not illegal

Illegals have a special express line


I don’t understand this whole illegal thing. Why defend having illegals?


Did you ever see them waiting for sundown on the border to get into the USA to find some meager job with only the clothes on their back - I have - I would like to see fucking Lou in that position

They contribute to society and to the economy -

ICE deported 6 chicken workers the other week down the road

they hired 6 whites - 5 quit within 3 hours


It’s not, man

I lived there and I saw it

I never took one cent from welfare, but I knew of many others who did

Not to mention people who would spend tens of thousands on credit cards before returning to their home country and never pay it back, obviously


When I got mine in 1999, I paid 300 bucks to some guy and 300 more to another one in Newark’s DMV

He just scheduled a time, I went there, he entered a bunch of BS info in the PC and took my picture

This same guy was arrested in 2001 after 9/11

He had supplied DLs to some of the terrorists


Maybe they should hire crackers with balls the next time


I did not say a person could not get assistance

To fucking imply that you can get housing and 500 a month and full blown medical and dental care with ease is fucking bullshit


ok, I’m not sure illegals could get housing in NJ back then, but I’m pretty sure the medical and dental was covered in most situations.

I remember many going to UMDNJ for free dental and medical care

St. James hospital, any emergency, just give a fake name and address

You couldn’t get cancer treatment or that kind of long term stuff, but the rest…

Not to mention the baby deliveries and neonatal care.



It’s pretty hard to get tens of thousands worth of credit without having a good credit history, so that sounds like BS to me.


But they aren’t there legally. They haven’t been vetted. They don’t pay taxes. They send money out of country which affects local economies.

Is there not a work sponsorship program they can go through?


YOUR data, not mine.

"Households led by undocumented immigrants received about $85 billion a year in benefits in 2010, according to the report.

The Heritage Foundation report found that in 2010, there were about 3.44 million households headed by undocumented immigrants and on average, each household received about $24,721 in government benefits and services, such as public education, police and fire protection.

That report also takes into account expenses tied to some U.S. citizens – about 4 million children born in the United States to parents living in the country illegally."

What would $85B buy, rather than expended on illegals?

Here’s another tip. You don’t fix the problem of Americans not wanting to work by bringing in cheap labour. That exacerbates the problem.