Libs have lost all reason


Now they wanna do away with nat gas

Dat will end the pizza biz less they use clean coal

I will have an outside fire tonight b4 they take over

and yes, I have raked the woods


Nah, Wood Fired Pizza ovens are where it’s at now.


If they don’t want gas they don’t want wood


Doubt it’s the gas, prolly the extraction method, Fracking which has been banned in several countries and highly restricted in others. Remember the Texas Oil Exec. that sued another oil company that wanted to frack near his swanky lakefront mansion?

You might remember him, he’s a Certified Trumptard.


Wot the fuck did I just tell ya? NO new building with nat gas in some CA cities

Did I say the fucking extraction method? <<<<< read this

Google it yer own fucking self - my intern days are over

thanks fer playin thou


I guess someone is just having a bad day.

Better luck next time old sport.





Valium. I highly recommend it.


Rage is a side effect of valium


I was prescribed it at age 12. Which could explain the wicked temper I developed after that


Also how do I quote someone on this board?


Select the portion (if not the whole) you want to quote, and a little grey box called “quote” pops up. Then click that box.

BD6 knows how to nest quotes but I don’t.


or clicking the curved arrow over on the lower left side of the post.

then click the quote cloud icon to pull the entire quote, then edit if necessary.


Hit reply on their quote
the box will open
click the first icon - the quote thing

their quote will appear


why TF did I never see that




Ok the copy paste thing seems to work. Too tired to understand the other instructions. Will try them on a day when I’m a little more awake. Thanks everyone


Ffs it works.


Indeed it does.

Long live theRabbitHole!