Piccies here, kids!


I have a stupid phone from 12 years ago

it’s a phone - that’s it - I think it has a calculator in it

I pay 10 bucks a year fer 20 minutes which I use about 4 of and they accumulate if I don’t use them


Not one of your sociable types then, eh?


Any F1 fans in da house tonite???

Ferrari driver, Stefan Johannsen…


Minardi driver Pier Luigi Martini.


A brace of Ferraris…


They’re works of art.


Nothing’s better than a gated shifter.


For me, F1 died with Ayrton Senna after May 1st 1994


Yes, I feel your pain.

I had the privilege of seeing him race in 10 GP’s, including his very last victory.

He drove a dog of a car to win. 6 months later he was gone.


For Senna fans…


He really has taken these shots. He’s an amazing photographer.


They are very good.


You pay 10 bucks a year? What plan is that?


Would love to catch a F1 race in person. I go to the Long Beach Grand Prix every few years, but they switched from F1 to CART Indy a few years back.


Fittipaldi, Piquet and Senna made F1 the second favorite after soccer.

Barrichello and Massa simply didn’t measure to any of them


Senna, in my view, was the greatest of all time.

He could win driving a Prius.


Today we came across a mama black bear and her two cubs.


I got a free smart phone and free service… zero bucks a year…


you got an obama phone?


Reagan started the free phones - try to keep up