Texas Shooting



They knew what they were getting into.


At least they all went straight to Heaven…probably.


Why aren’t MEN condemning this MAN’s attack?

A law enforcement source told CNN that a man walked into the church and began shooting about 11:30 a.m. local time.


Maybe Ivana JR. will go to Texas and break out her amazing complicity.


His mom raised him. Why doesn’t she take responsibility?


So, in your mind responsibility and condemnation are the same thing?


Maybe you could draw us the lines of logic on that comment, Lotus.

PS: kind of early on a Sunday to be drinking, miss. You may want to slow down.

What I said is - he is a product of his upbringing.


Seems kinda “too soon” to be doing a lot of fingerpointing, aside from ID’ing the actual perp which the cops claim they’ve done.

For now, Imma stick with Thoughts & Prayers like the Texas lawmakers do.


Yeah. I said men should condemn the male shooter. In response, you said his mother should take responsibility. That’s kind of like saying if I condemn Trump’s actions, his mother must take responsibility for them. Or for my anger. Or something. Who knows what’s going on in your Creutzfeldt–Jakob’ed brain.

It might be germane to mention here that you have never suggested a Muslim terrorist’s mother should take responsibility. You have always blamed all Muslims. You know, kinda like I blamed all men. :roll_eyes:




Actually Lotus, I condemn all of the mass shootings, regardless of who the shooter is - 'lot of good it seems to do.
Are you suggesting I should condemn it extra much because the shooter was a man and I somehow bear a greater responsibility on that account while the woman who bore and nurtured him should get a pass?


War on Christianity!


What’s with all the Xmas movies on TV already?


Wow. OK, see, life is like a box of chocolates, yer right, Forrest, so…


Lotus, good gods. You totally let me force you off your troll. Didn’t you want to suggest that if a muslim should condemn a muslin terror attack, that a man should condemn a man terror attack? or, maybe…
…maybe, you realized that, that was like a chocolate which is mostly just nuts.


So what did you decide to swap your Keens for?


…because of several reasons.

  1. sole was too thin
  2. too wide, though that is not uncommon with Keens
  3. toe turns up too much


Duh. I chose not to state the obvious. Ima call you CJ from now on.


You are a delicate flower!