Trying to eat healthy


The good, the stupid and the poor.


I had a chicken breast meat sandwich with lots of salad on it, a small salad and some lima beans for dinner. I might totally do the pizza tomorrow though.


Food is a pathway to enlightenment. Foods are used to modulate consciousness, and while yer average Catlick and prodnistant (Xtians) may remain unaware, it is no less factual.

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To be honest, all things in moderation: including moderation, at times. I think you are aiming at a general improvement. It may be that you have your occasional pizza binge, and eventually decide that it isn’t worth the side effects. Just please don’t stop listening to your body if it is trying to tell you something.


This seems to be the hot thread - so this is as good a place as and to play a favorite number I haven’t play recently.


If I couldn’t eat cheese I’d rather not eat at all. It would be worse than giving up beer…


That falls in the category of crazy talk, but anyway…

Some say animals will send an enormous amount of adrenaline and other bad hormones into their bodies when they’re about to be slaughtered. The more the animal suffers and fights its death, the worse the meat will be.

There was this woman who lives near my aunt’s farm, she was a sort of farm hippie.

One time my mom asked me to buy some organic free range chicken, she raised those. When I got there, the woman was sitting in her porch, caressing a chicken in her arms, like it was her pet. The chicken was sleeping peacefully. Then the woman simply twisted its neck. I was horrified. She explained that making the chicken die peacefully made the meat tastier and more tender and it was also more humane, although it looked really evil.


That doesn’t sound all that bad. The cottage cheese that I ate for breakfast wasn’t bad but it wasn’t all that filling. The concept of eating a small breakfast is a good one though. If I get too shinny I may have to add a small. healthy lunch as well.

I learned something on this site that works pretty well. Break your eggs and then turn over a soda bottle, squeeze out some of the air, place over the yoke and let the bottle suck it up. I then mix one or two whole eggs with the whites of several eggs. The whites are almost pure protein and only about 25 calories each, A small slice of butter for the pan and for flavor is OK too. Add a little low fat milk if you want. Works great!


Orangy got China going to DEFCON 1 and you fucks are worried about organic

eat all the crap you want

trust yer fren 6 on this


So what about commercial or even fresh orange juice? The Tropicana all natural bullshit has about the same amount of sugar in it as a can of soda… I have a small glass with breakfast every couple, few days but I’m thinking it needs crossed off the grocery list. .


Wanna juice? Buy oranges and squeeze them yourself

Fungicides and other pesticides are just hard to avoid, but juice is worse


So I had some All Bran cereal which looked to have a low GI rating and an apple for breakfast.


I would suggest eating an orange over drinking juice. As you saw, there’s A LOT of sugar in fruit juice without the fibre. It’s not good for the ole blood sugars and best be an occasional “treat”.


Definitely juice your own oranges. Do not drink that Tropicana crap. I always juice a couple of oranges and then squeeze half a lemon in there. I wouldn’t drink that every day, though. Like Starling said, too much sugar. Have green tea instead.


No offence taken. People have been programmed by big agriculture for decades now that whole wheat, whole grains and oats are good for you… which is total BS. Bread, cakes, crackers, noodles, etc, etc made from anything other than millet, organic corn or quinoa is loaded with gluten which is far more detrimental to your health than cholesterol. Far fewer people are eating processed grains, far fewer people are smoking and far more are taking statins… yet heart disease is still on the rise and continues to be the number one killer in the developed world. Why is that?


Except for the corn I am with you.


Natural sugars are better than the refined sugars that come in most processed juices. And I agree with green tea. It’s a virtual elixir.


I agree with this. I also read recently that whole wheat bread has more sugars in it than even white bread.

I think steel cut oats are still supposed to be okay, aren’t they?


cool so I can go back to eating white bread?


Better, but still not good. Look, there is no “perfect” diet… at least not one that can be realistically followed, so it’s a matter of doing the best you can do with the foods you like. Yes, steel cut is far better than the shit Quaker sells.