Why is this a thing




Maybe because that is a facility managed by the US Army with decorations agreed upon with NK after much negotiation, waaay before Trumpty came into the picture.

Gosh, you’d think a Professional Soldier would know this stuff.


Can you explain why there was no flags at the debate? Do libs hate America? I mean their policies say yes :man_shrugging:


Fuck the flag - it’s bullshit -

It’s to get assholes like you to fight for the banks

who the fuck are you to bitch bout who got a flag and who don’t


Fuck you and your shitty flag.


I don’t believe that either party displays the flag during the debates.


Nazi fuckhead white supremacist cheeto ass licker wants to decide who and when
why the fuck is in the military if he don’t know what it is suppose to be about


Citations needed.


Boro wants to see more of this.



I get it, liberals hate America.

Thanks for the proof, libs!


You posted a meme of a President shaking the hands of someone who will never be President.

Nice :slight_smile:


I posted a debate picture with representatives of both parties present. NO FUCKING FLAG.


I remember seeing flag artistry and the Constitution and other such things.

We know Hillary is basically ISIS, so


Your rambling noted.


So by following your “logical stylings” then Trump is also ISIS?


I’ll respectfully decline about talking about our sitting President, but he did support Gallagher who brought death to ISIS, so :man_shrugging:


So much for declining.


You’re welcome.


Have you ever seen the movie Breaker Morant?

or Paths of Glory?

You should.