Working On Updates Don't Turn Off Your PC. This Will Take A While


understatement of the fucking century, 2 hours later after a forced update… glad it wasn’t a busy day with money on the line… maybe Holliday was right… Fuck Windows 10.


Yeah I hate getting to my class and trying to start it up only for this stupid update to be going. Why was microsoft able to release finished software in 1995 and can’t do it today?


Use linux fer yer laptop with unintelligible fucking commands 16 miles long - but hey, ya can fry breakfast on it


They found some HUGE security problem with ALL distros of Linux


Because they inserted a shitload of useless, full of vulnerabilities software with their OS


Coz DM gave the whole world root access.


speaking of roots.


Yo dumfucks

there is an update and restart option in the shutdown menu to head off the forced updates when you don’t want them

you find it easier to bitch thou

just sayin


Or instead of shutting down, you hibernate and resume


This was just a box that popped up out of nowhere and said something like “Windows is shutting down to install updates, do not turn off your pc or some crap.” It wasn’t because I rebooted or anything. Earlier that day it had popped up something about an update and warned it was going to do it sometime but not when… Then it’s so shitty they have to rewrite and recompile the whole OS for the update and the shit takes over 2 fucking hours. .


Didn’t even give me a few minutes to save my work or anything…


Yer not listening - you have plenty of time - days probably


over 2 hours, just a few lines of code right? :slight_smile:


WIndows will do that

It did it just a couple days ago when it installed the anniversary update

There was a counter that I didn’t see in the notification area

Then it just logged off and restarted

Good thing I was just on the Internet


I have a setting in my settings that says you can download 'em but let me decide when to install 'em

I never let the comp decide, for this very reason


Mr know it all

how do you know what it is doing?


Oh and so what do they do, they insert even more of the bullshit with their shitty update… Now I have… “Windows Connect.” When I click on it, it says… Yourcomputername is ready to connect wirelessly… This device might have trouble displaying your content because its hardware wasn’t specifically designed for wireless projection…

Yeah, I couldn’t have lived without that…


You all could have sed

Hay, nice find there 6

We really appreciate you bringing that to our attention


My crab cakes came with a real nice salad, and some bread

Oh I forgot, the wine was excellent


Thanks BD6, we value yer immense Windows knowledges…