Texas Shooting


I think I put on my serious pants today. Totally missed it.


…but you didn’t because you really do think that BEING a man is an equivalent to BEING a muslim.


You cannot deny that the majority of these mass murders are carried out by MEN. I don’t care what religion they are or what country they came from, most of them seem to have the ole dingle dangle in common.


…and moms who didn’t raise them right.

PS: What percentage of men carry out mass shootings?


Actually, if you look into it, which I know you won’t, a lot of it stems from boys growing up without quality MALE role models like FATHERS around.

Suck on that one for a while.


…and why did the mom drive the man away, or…

…why did she not make a better choice of man?
That is a responsibility of womankind. It is their role to read the signs and pick well, not indiscriminately.


I thought the swinging dicks were the ones in charge.

Seriously though, we have a MAN problem in this world.


Oh really. You should spend a day in Family Court.


And what’s generally the gender of the judge?


"Judges’ self-reporting of their prejudices against fathers was consistent with practicing attorneys’ impressions of them. 69% of male attorneys had come to the conclusion that judges always or often assume from the outset (i.e., before being presented with any evidence) that children belong with their mothers. 40% of the female attorneys agreed with that assessment. Nearly all attorneys (94% of male attorneys and 84% of female attorneys) said that all judges exhibited prejudice against fathers at least some of the time.2"


Why are they biased?


Thousands of people now have been murdered in these mass shootings. They’re commonplace. So commonplace we only ask three questions; Where, how many, what color or political persuasion is the killer.

Then thoughts and prayers come.

Nothing ever gets done. Nothing ever changes. No hearings are even held.

Why should I keep caring?


Racism, one presumes.


I see…

Could it be because men keep killing and raping people so judges (I bet they are mostly male too) don’t trust them with their own kids?


Why do you hate men, Starling?



I don’t hate them I just think they cause a lot of problems.

Maybe it’s time to sit your brethren down and have a heart to heart with em Doc.


…but what percentage of men do those things, Starling? You can’t just go indict “men” for the actions of a few.


I’m not indicting. I’m asking you to have words with your fellow gender mates because they clearly don’t listen to us being we don’t have penises and all.

Plus, I think you have to loudly denounce their actions and acknowledge it’s a gender issue.

Right now please.


…and I trust you’ve said the same to your muslim friends…

PS: all the men I know a good dads, so they’d be all like WTF.


Most likely motive…